Youth is the pillars of peace in the world. they can change the future from their thinking, acting, attitude, and behavior. To be a peace youth is good because they can create diversity in the same social space. Every youth can feel the impact of doing peace in society. It can encourage or assist somebody. Peace youth empowerment can empower the people around them. They give better impacts to influence society. The influences itself can change the future prosperity nation. The future prosperity nation can secure the world and take care of many offices and function in the country. The youth is the leader in the future. So, empower the youth in peace can change the world to be better.

Peace and security is the duty of the youth in creating a better world. Because there are many people can not tolerate how people are useful. They create rules and never know how the impact of the future life nation. Peace and security can not develop if there are not mutual understanding, cooperation, and goodwill of the youth in the world. Thus, mutual understanding, cooperation, and goodwill is the key to the peace youth empowerment. There are many world communities, they can manage the youth to be better, because of them, the youth can change and manage the world in the future. How the youth can manage society to tolerate each other and know about diversity until they know the important thing about doing the peaceful. The youth must be encouraged to be peaceful leaders in the world. Every youth has different capabilities and knowledge to manage the world. Thus, the youth can appeal to the leader to create a peaceful world. the youth is the most innovative and uncompromising part of the society how the youth create some solutions to comfort people of the world.

The world is created to make peaceful to live together, but many people do their life by destroying each other and make competition to have big strong. Doing the right human is a good impact on the youth because they can confront life with peaceful. every youth will know how the can manage the people in the future without damage each other to have strong power. Peaceful is a way to manage people like education, health, the environment, and etc. Because peaceful can change people thinking to create a life together. Holding some conferences or activities can start peacefull in the youth area. Because they will know how to take the decision and solutions. To educate the youth and empower the youth thinking, the social service can promote people organization as the connection to build a good community. It is created to make space for youth in every diversity until they can be active to comfort their lives and can solve the problem of the world.

The purpose of the youth network is increasing the capabilities and knowledge of the youth, especially to develop peace and respect for humanity. Because there are many youths who lose education, activities that it is educate them. Thus, there are many joblessness, nonproductive employment, very less job with poor payment, it is the weakness of the world to manage the youth. The world community should hold skill training. It is the way to growing awareness to manage global problems for all people of the world. Special activities can develop the youth to develop the understanding through experiences to empower all youth of the world and encourage them to create peace among youth living with an understanding of the world through cultures, cooperation, and goodwill to change the better future in their lives.

Penulis / Ismatun nadhifah / aktif sebagai kader PAC IPPNU Buduran dan anggota DPPK PC IPPNU Sidoarjo / pengajar di kampoeng ilmu sidoarjo.



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